VIDEO: Dedication of the 1st Annual Clyde O. Martz Summer Conference on Natural Resources Law and Policy

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Martz Summer Conference (1st: 2009: Boulder, Colo.)



8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Opening Remarks: Mark Squillace, Director, Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado Law School

Dedication of the Annual Conference: Tribute to Clyde Martz

Speakers: David Getches, Dean, University of Colorado Law School; Howard Boigon, Partner, Hogan & Hartson, Denver, CO


Mark Squillace

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In many pockets of the American West, stresses and demands on water resources are overwhelming our capacity to effectively manage change and accommodate the diversity of interests and values associated with our limited water resources.

This event will offer an opportunity for lawyers, policymakers, and water professionals to engage the experts on the challenges and emerging solutions to the most pressing water policy and management issues of the day.

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Dedication of the Annual Conference: Tribute to Clyde Martz