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Presenter: Pete Stahl, Wyoming Reclamation and Restoration Center

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The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems (EFD) Program, managed by the Houston Advanced Research Center, works to identify, develop and transfer critical, cost effective, new technologies that can provide policy makers and industry with the ability to develop natural gas reserves in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Funding for the EFD Program is through a grant from the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, established under the 2005 Energy Act. Within the EFD Program, some projects focus on technologies for developing energy sources in environmentally sensitive areas; others (like the NRLC’s BMP Project) seek ways to reduce the environmental footprint in all types of environments. The EFD Program currently provides the majority of funding for the Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP project.

The EFD Program holds quarterly workshops to share ideas among the program partners, sponsors, and with the broader community. The NRLC hosted the EFD's quarterly meeting in a workshop on May 26, 2011 at the Wolf Law Building on the University of Colorado campus.

With presentations from EFD project researchers and perspectives invited from all participants, the May, 2011 EFD workshop explored the value of different methods for incorporating BMPs into a development as well as the benefits and cost of implementing BMPs. See the NRLC's Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP Project for more information on BMPs and how they can be implemented in oil and gas development.