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Washington : Island Press


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Contents: PART ONE : FRAMEWORKS: Beyond "traditional" environmental justice / David H. Getches, David N. Pellow -- Assessing claims of environmental justice : conceptual frameworks / Gary C. Bryner -- Water, poverty, equity, and justice in Colorado : a pragmatic approach / James l. Wescoat Jr., Sarah Halvorson, Lisa Headington, Jill Replogle -- International environmental protection : human rights and North-South divide / Tseming Yang -- PART TWO : CONCEPTS: The coincidental order of environmental injustice / Jeff Romm -- Environmental justice in an era of devolved collaboration / Sheila Foster -- Tribal sovereignty and environmental justice / Sarah Krakoff -- PART THREE : STRATEGIES AND APPLICATIONS: Expanding civil rights protections in contested terrain : using Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 / Luke W. Cole -- Forest management and environmental justice in northern New Mexico / Henry H. Carey -- NEPA in Indian Country : compliance requirement to decision-making tool / Dean B. Suagee -- A framework to assess environmental justice concerns for proposed federal projects / Jan Buhrmann -- Protecting natural resources and the issue of environmental justice / Barry E. Hill, Nicholas Targ -- Mineral development : protecting the land and communities / Kathryn M. Mutz -- CONCLUSION: Hoping against history : environmental justice in the twenty-first century / Patricia Nelson Limerick

Justice and Natural Resources: Concepts, Strategies, and Applications