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Contents: Rethinking resources : reflections on a new generation of natural resources law and policy / Lawrence J. MacDonnell, Sarah F. Bates -- Natural resources law : an historical perspective / Clyde O. Martz -- Trends in public land law : (a title the inaccuracy of which should become manifest) / George Cameron Coggins -- Mineral law in the United States : a study in legal change / Lawrence J. MacDonnell -- Oil and gas law at the end of its great era / Richard C. Maxwell -- Water resources : a wider world / David H. Getches -- Bringing an ecological perspective to natural resources law : fulfilling the promise of the public trust / Joseph L. Sax -- Environmental law, but not environmental protection / A. Dan Tarlock -- Shifting paradigms of tort and property in the transformation of natural resources law / Richard J. Lazarus -- A view toward the future : lessons from Tahoe and the Truckee / Charles F. Wilkinson

Natural Resources Policy and Law: Trends and Directions