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Contents: Introduction : Living in a land of limited water -- PART 1. THE LOWER ARKANSAS VALLEY : AFTER THE WATER IS GONE: Colorado's Arkansas River -- Watering and cultivating the prairie -- Stretching a limited water supply -- Irrigation water for sale? -- A hostile takeover? -- Looking ahead -- PART 2. THE GRAND VALLEY, COLORADO : WHERE FRUIT, FISH, AND GROWTH COLLIDE: Growing peaches in an arid mountain valley -- The problem of salt -- Competition from across the Divide and closer to home -- Water for native fish -- The promise-and problems-of water conservation -- PART 3. THE TRUCKEE AND CARSON BASINS : SHARING WATER IN A DESERT: Life in a land in between -- Redeeming the "irredeemable" -- An environmental reckoning -- The ongoing search for redemption -- What happens to irrigation? -- What next? -- PART 4. THE YAKIMA BASIN, WASHINGTON : MAKING THE "OLD WEST" WORK: The place -- The first people -- Reclamation in the Yakima -- A tale of two irrigation districts -- Adjudicating water rights -- The salmon -- Taking stock -- PART 5. FROM RECLAMATION TO SUSTAINABILITY: From reclamation to sustainability -- Reducing the gap between diversion and consumption -- Allowing our rivers to function like rivers -- Water that changes use to meet demand -- Getting there -- Epilogue : A Faustian bargain?

From Reclamation to Sustainability: Water, Agriculture, and the Environment in the American West