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Contents: PART I : INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW: The water-energy nexus : methodologies, challenges and opportunities / Robert Wilkinson -- Energy, water and the natural environment / Melinda Kassen, Jack E. Williams -- PART IIA : WATER FOR ENERGY : FOSSIL FUELS: The coal conundrum / Kristen Averyt -- Oil shale and water / Bart Miller -- Managing produced water from coalbed methane production / Lawrence J. MacDonnell, Katherine L. Guerra -- PART IIB : WATER FOR ENERGY : WATER-INTENSIVE RENEWABLES: Concentrated thermal solar power and the value of water for electricity / Cynthia L. Schwartz -- The new generation of biofuels / Ronald C. Pate -- PART IIIA : ENERGY FOR WATER : BIG PROJECTS: Water-energy interdependencies and the Central Arizona Project / Susanna Eden ... [et al.] -- Energy-intensive water supplies / Stacy Tellinghuisen -- The energy implications of desalination / Heather Cooley -- PART IIIB : ENERGY FOR WATER : SELECT STATE CASE STUDIES: Energy requirements for water supply in Utah / Sarah G. Larsen, Steven J. Burian -- The vital role of electrical energy for Arizona water services / Joseph H. Hoover -- PART IV : SOLUTIONS : EXAMPLES OF WAYS FORWARD: Adaptive management as a tool for negotiating the water-energy nexus / Melinda Harm Benson -- Decision-support for the water-energy nexus : examining decision-making in the American West / Steve A. Conrad -- Integrated planning : transmission, generation and water in the Western states / Tom Iseman, Alex Schroeder -- The water bargain of solar and wind energy / Martin J. Pasqualetti -- Water-energy integration in California / Frances Spivy-Weber

Alternate Title

Water Energy Nexus in the American West

The Water-Energy Nexus in the American West