David L. Pope

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Conference Proceeding

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Summer Conference (10th: 1989: Boulder, Colo.)


6 pages.


Boundaries and Water: Allocation and Use of a Shared Resource is the topic of the Center's annual summer program on water. Most of the major rivers in the western United States are shared between two or more states. Often tribal governments play an important role in water allocation and use decisions. International considerations also may be involved in some cases. These interjurisdictional issues extend to groundwater as well as surface water.

This conference provides the essential legal framework regarding the interjurisdictional allocation and use of water. Seven important river basins are examined to illustrate the issues involved in sharing a resource among different governmental entities and the legal and institutional responses which have developed to accommodate these different interests. The topic of interstate and interbasin transfers is given special attention. Finally, opportunities for improved cooperation are considered.

Alternate Title

Opportunities for Cooperation in the Missouri Basin