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Presenter: Professor James R. Rasband, Brigham Young University School of Law

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For 100 years, the Antiquities Act has been used by nearly every President in the 20th century to set aside and protect lands threatened with privatization and development. The list of lands first protected under the Antiquities Act – and that might never have been protected without it – is truly remarkable. Many of our most treasured national parks including the Grand Canyon, Olympic, Zion, Arches, Glacier Bay, and Acadia, began as national monuments. All told, Presidents have issued 123 proclamations setting aside millions of acres of land under the Antiquities Act.

The Natural Resources Law Center and the Center of the American West are honored to celebrate the centennial of 100th anniversary with former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and a host of other distinguished speakers.

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“Historic Landmarks, Historic and Prehistoric Structures, and Other Objects of Historic or Scientific Interest”: Understanding the Scope of the Antiquities Act and Other Legal Issues