Sharing Public Land Decision Making: The Quincy Library Group Experience [includes first three items from Appendix A]

Michael B. Jackson

In the face of numerous proposals for privatizing, marketing, and changing the management of public lands, the Natural Resources Law Center holds its third annual fall public lands conference, Challenging Federal Ownership and Management: Public Lands and Public Benefits.

A panel of public land users and neighbors, including timber, grazing, mining, recreation, and environmental interests, address current discontent with public land policy and management. There is also discussion of proposals to dispose of federal public lands, alternatives to disposal, and rationales for retaining public lands under federal ownership and management. Another topic addressed is shared public land decision making in which traditionally governmental decisions and policies are made with local, private people and groups taking leadership.

Thirty four speakers representing a wide variety of perspectives will address such questions as: Is the original purpose of producing public benefits being realized by keeping lands in public ownership? Can this purpose be better achieved by changing the ownership of lands? Or is the real question how the lands are managed?

Lunch speakers include prominent law Professor Joseph L. Sax, now Counselor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior; John D. Leshy, Solicitor, U.S. Department of the Interior; and Senator Frank H. Murkowski, Chairman, U.S, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.


25 pages (includes illustrations).

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Includes first three items from Appendix A.