John P. Casey

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Summer Conference (27th: 2006: Boulder, Colo.)


Presenter: John P. Casey, Land Use Attorney, Robinson & Cole, Hartford, CT.

1 page and 75 slides.

Using the changing nature of coastal shorelines as a basis for his presentation, Mr. Casey will discuss the challenges of protecting a landowner's interest in preserving her land, while at the same time protecting the environment and respecting the natural changes that are bound to occur over time. Mr. Casey will focus on the how the application of laws designed to protect the environment - especially in cases where changes take place over time to alter the physical characteristics of the land - have limited development rights and raised claims of regulatory takings, and how the decisions in those cases might predict how courts will address climate change, and its ensuing effects, caused by man-made activities in the future.


Nestor Davidson


The Natural Resources Law Center's 27th Annual Summer Conference will focus on exploring the legal and policy dimensions that climate change will bring to the American West. Participants will explore a wide range of issues from climate science to how climate change will impact water and energy resources; agriculture; wildlife habitat; land use and planning; state, federal and international law; and public and private initiatives.

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Climate Change and its Implications for Land Use Planning and Transportation