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Summer Conference (27th: 2006: Boulder, Colo.)


Presenter: Franz Litz, Climate Change Policy Coordinator, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

1 page and 28 slides.

Franz Litz will briefly describe the major climate change actions undertaken by the State of New York in recent years. He will place specific emphasis on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cooperative effort of 8 eastern states to implement a regional cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon emissions from the power sector. In addition, he will explore the potential for linking the eastern initiative to one or more western state programs in development.


Roger Pielke, Jr.


The Natural Resources Law Center's 27th Annual Summer Conference will focus on exploring the legal and policy dimensions that climate change will bring to the American West. Participants will explore a wide range of issues from climate science to how climate change will impact water and energy resources; agriculture; wildlife habitat; land use and planning; state, federal and international law; and public and private initiatives.

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State and Local Initiatives