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Martz Summer Conference (8th: 2016: Boulder, Colo.)



Michael Douglas, University of Western Australia, Charles Darwin University

Sue Jackson, Griffith University

35 slides


Sue Jackson


Water scarcity is increasingly dominating headlines throughout the world. In the southwestern USA, the looming water shortages on the Colorado River system and the unprecedented drought in California are garnering the greatest attention. Similar stories of scarcity and crisis can be found across the globe, suggesting an opportunity for sharing lessons and innovations. For example, the Colorado River and Australia's Murray-Darling Basin likely can share many lessons, as both systems were over-allocated, feature multiple jurisdictions, face similar climatic risks and drought stresses, and struggle to balance human demands with environmental needs. In this conference we cast our net broadly, exploring several salient topics including: trans-boundary cooperation, water marketing, Indigenous water rights, environmental and social water needs, and drought coping.

This public event will be informed by three invitation-only meetings held immediately before the conference: an “Indigenous Water Justice” symposium; a “Social Dimensions of Environmental Water Management” workshop; and a “Drought Crises in Federations” symposium.

Session 2: Rivers and People: Improving Environmental Water Management by Integrating Social and Eco-Hydrological Sciences. Environmental Flow Case Studies. Case 1. Three Tropical North Australian Basins (the Fitzroy River, Daly River and the Mitchell).

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Three Tropical North Australian Basins (the Fitzroy River, Daly River and the Mitchell)