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Summer Conference (18th: 1997: Boulder, Colo.)


35 pages.

Contains footnotes.


The Dams: Water and Power in the New West conference begins by providing historical context for the development of Western water and looks at the impact dams have had on the environment and people of the region. It examines the demographic and economic pressures that are demanding changes in the ways rivers are used and managed

The keynote address by Charles F. Wilkinson is titled Coming to Grips with Growth in the West: Traditional Communities, Free Rivers and the New Megalopoli. Wilkinson is a noted law professor, writer and authority on Western issues.

The conference features experts including high-ranking federal officials, environmentalists, industry representatives and legal scholars from throughout the nation addressing such topics as deregulation of the electric utility industry, federal relicensing of hydropower facilities, reoperation of federal facilities to improve environmental protection, divestment of federal facilities and visions for the future of water developments.