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Tour (day trips along the Front Range, originating in Boulder) held August 4-6, 2004.

Summary: Assorted articles, maps, brochures, and other materials prepared for participants of the tour


2004 energy field tour agenda -- Mission and vision of the Natural Resources Law Center -- Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado School of Law : a brief introduction -- Boulder area street map 4 -- Chatauqua area map -- [Bus] Route 203/225 : Boulder/Lafayette/Baseline -- Boulder-Lafayette via Baseline [bus schedules]

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4, 2004: OIL & GAS PRODUCTION FACILITIES AND PLATTEVILLE GAS PROCESSING FACILITY: 'Our next shortage', The Washington Post, June 23, 2004 / Robert J. Samuelson -- Testimony of Bruce Thompson before the Committee on Natural Resources, U.S. Senate, July 10, 2003 / Bruce Thompson -- 'Power play : residents challenge government and energy industry as rising demands for fuel meet declining production in San Juan Basin', Santa Fe New, Saturday, May 22, 2004 / Jeff Tollefson -- 'US Rockies gas focus points up need for access, risk takers, infrastructure', Oil & Gas Journal, May 3, 2004 / M. Ray Thomasson, Paul E. Belanger, Lance Cook -- 'World gas : North America; tougher times ahead', Petroleum Economist, May 17, 2004 -- CALPINE ROCKY MOUNTAIN ENERGY CENTER: Calpine : about us ... business units / Calpine Rocky Mountain Energy Center -- Calpine : about us ... our commitment : safety, health & environment / Calpine Rocky Mountain Energy Center -- 'Calpine's Rocky Mountain Energy Center commences operation', Energy Central Professional (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX), June 04, 2004 -- 'Keeping cool has a price : new natural-gas power plant cleaner than coal, but costlier', The Denver Post, Friday, July 02, 2004 / Steve Raabe -- PONNEQUIN WIND FARM: Balanced energy plan / Western Resource Advocates -- Ponnequin Wind Farm tour -- 'Xcel forecast : wind : plan would boost renewable-energy rank for Colorado', Rocky Mountain News, May 1, 2004 / Gargi Chakrabarty -- 'Balance of power : a Colorado group's study indicates most of the chronic problems of generating more electricity can be eased with a larger emphasis on renewable sources', Headwaters News, [June 2004] / Claudia Putnam -- A CONVERSATION WITH CHARLES WILKINSON: Charles Wilkinson : University of Colorado School of Law [biography] -- Advance praise for Fire on the Plateau [book reviews] -- Messages from Frank's Landing : salmon, treaties, and the Indian way [book review]

THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, 2004: VALMONT POWER PLANT: Overview of Valmont Power Plant -- 'Energy markets : higher fuel prices shifting power's attention to coal', Greenwire, April 27, 2004 / Mary O'Driscoll -- 'Coal market zooms in on mines in Colorado', The New York Times, June 16, 2004 / Kirk Johnson -- 'Mercury rising : heavy reliance on coal is boosting mercury levels : how should the US limit emissions from the power industry?', The Christian Science Monitor, April 29, 2004 / Mark Clayton -- 'Xcel Energy on the road to cutting mercury in air : company tests process to create salable byproduct', The Denver Post, June 02, 2004 / Eric Hübler -- XCEL ENERGY LOOKOUT DISPATCH CENTER: Electric transmission in the West / Doug Larson -- Energy Secretary Abraham announces recommendations to modernize the nation's electric transmission system : National Transmission Grid Study released / Department of Energy -- 'Energy markets : utility group offers blueprint for adding transmission capacity', Greenwire, June 9, 2004 / Mary O'Driscoll -- 'Blackout spurs cyberattack worry', USA Today, August 18, 2003 / Kevin Maney, Michelle Kessler -- 'Post-9/11, questions about security at electric plants', The New York Times, May 17, 2002 / Jayson Blair -- 'Network vulnerability and the electrical grid', TechNewsWorld, October 30, 2003 / Jack M. Germain -- 'Power-grid independence means better homeland security', EnergyPulse, January 14, 2003 / Whit Allen -- A CONVERSATION WITH PAM INMANN: Pam Inmann : Executive Director, Western Governors' Association [biography] / Western Governors' Association -- WGA key issues / Western Governor's Association

FRIDAY, AUGUST 6, 2004: NATIONAL CENTER FOR ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH: Welcome to the National Center for Atmospheric Research -- CBM AND UNCONVENTIONAL GAS DEVELOPMENT: Coalbed methane development in the Intermountain West : primer (July 2002) / Gary Bryner -- Testimony of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association to the House Subcommittee on Energy & Mineral Resources, March 3, 2004 : environmental issues related to increasing natural gas production / Ken Wonstolen -- CBM Summit remarks -- Fun facts about oil & gas in Colorado / Ken Wonstolen -- SAGE GROUSE AND ENERGY RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: 'Bird's fate tied to future of drilling : sage grouse are dying off in the prairies, but the fight to keep the bird off an EPA watch list centers on methane deposits in that region', Los Angeles Times, June 10, 2004, Home Edition / Julie Cart -- Foster natural gas report, May 13, 2004 / Foster Associates, Inc. -- 'Sage grouse populations across West stabilizing' Reno Gazette-Journal, June 10, 2004 / Sandra Chereb -- 'Battle brewing over sage grouse protection : gas-drilling industry feels threatened', USA Today, July 13, 2004, First Edition / Tom Kenworthy -- AIR QUALITY AND ENERGY RESOURCES: What is air pollution? -- 'Clean air : NAS panel begins examination of Bush admin NSR reforms', Greenwire, May 25, 2004 / Darren Samuelsohn -- 'Haze darkens some of best views in West : emissions from coal-fired power plants and pollution drifting from distant cities are wreaking havoc on the quality of air at the Colorado Plateau', The Denver Post, June 06, 2004 / Electa Draper -- WATER AND COAL BED METHANE DEVELOPMENT: 'Water & coalbed methane extraction : newfound impacts and water quality mitigation efforts', The Water Report, Issue #3, May 15, 2004 / Tom Darin

SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 2004: LIGHTHAWK FLIGHT INFORMATION, RELEASE FORMS, AND PASSENGER TRIP REPORT: Lighthawk : celebrating 25 years of flying for the environment -- LightHawk waiver and release of liability -- Passenger trip report -- 2004 Energy tour speakers, presenters, and participants.


Kathryn Mutz, Charles Wilkinson, Sarah Krakoff, Lakshman Guruswamy

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Natural Resources Law Center Energy Field Tour 2004