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Summer Conference (4th: 1983: Boulder, Colo.)


66 pages.

Contains several cases and US Congress bills as supplemental materials.

Digitized copy lacks the Memorandum Opinion for City of El Paso v. Reynolds (563 F.Supp 379 (D. New Mexico 1983)).


Even before the [Natural Resources Law] Center was established [in the fall of 1981], the [University of Colorado] School of Law was organizing annual natural resources law summer short courses. To date four programs have been presented:

- July 1980: "Federal Lands, Laws and Policies-and the Development of Natural Resources"

- June 1981: "Water Resources Allocation: Laws and Emerging Issues"

- June 1982: "New Sources of Water for Energy Development and Growth: lnterbasin Transfers"

- June 1983: "Groundwater: Allocation; Development and Pollution"

(Reprinted from Resource Law Notes, no. 1, Jan. 1984, at 1.)