John Entsminger

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Summer Conference (25th: 2004: Boulder, Colo.)


Presenter: John Entsminger, Deputy Counsel, Southern Nevada Water Authority.

16 slides.


Kathryn Mutz


The Colorado Law Natural Resources Law Center celebrates its 25th Annual Summer Conference, “Groundwater in the West,” by exploring one of the most important natural resources of the 21st century: groundwater. Participants discuss law, policy, and management of groundwater in the West. "As demands on surface water increase and drought seems more the norm than the exception, our attention is increasingly turning to groundwater," said Kathryn Mutz, conference organizer and a researcher with the center. "Cities, farmers, tribes and conservationists must all look for innovative ways to protect both short-term and long-term water supplies for both our communities and the environment."

The three-day conference provides the basics of the science and law of groundwater and explores innovative management efforts. Conference sessions highlight case studies of groundwater use and management throughout the West, focus on innovative solutions for a rapidly growing West and explore interstate and international transboundary issues.

Alternate Title

Groundwater Resources of the Lower Colorado Region