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Summer Conference (12th: 1991: Boulder, Colo.)


Conference organizers and/or faculty included University of Colorado School of Law professors Lawrence J. MacDonnell, David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson and Richard B. Collins.

Pressures of population, drought, and changing water use have provided the impetus for numerous innovations in water law and management in recent years. The Center's annual conference June 5-7, 1991, will look at innovation and change in five areas--water planning, special water management areas, negotiated settlements of tribal water rights, conjunctive use of ground and surface water, and public values in water decision making. Each session will begin with talks by experts from several western states, and will be followed by panels of these speakers plus others, as listed.

Former Governor Bruce Babbitt of Arizona will suggest that "Let's Give the Public Lands to the People" at his lunch talk on Wednesday. Conference notebooks containing detailed outlines prepared by each of the speakers are provided to all attendees. Opportunity will be provided for questions as well as for informal discussion.


James N. Corbridge, Jr., David H. Getches, Lawrence J. MacDonnell, Richard B. Collins