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Martz Summer Conference (7th: 2015: Boulder, Colo.)


Presenter: Justice Greg Hobbs, Colorado Supreme Court

13 slides


Doug Kenney


Many aspects of western water allocation and management are the product of independent and uncoordinated actions, several occurring a century or more ago. However, in this modern era of water scarcity, it is increasingly acknowledged that more coordinated and deliberate decision-making is necessary for effectively balancing environmental, social, and economic objectives. In recent years, a variety of forums, processes, and tools have emerged to better manage the connections between regions, sectors, and publics linked by shared water systems. In this event, we explore the cutting edge efforts, the latest points of contention, and the opportunities for further progress.

Session 4: Reasons for Optimism. In this event, we have reviewed dozens of innovations in law, policy and management. In our final wrap-up panel, we ask our panelists to answer one over-arching question about these innovations, and then open the floor to audience questions and observations. Question: “What processes, partnerships, events, tools, or other ‘innovations’ provide you with optimism that the West can handle the growing stresses on its limited water supplies?”

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Reasons for Optimism