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Summer Conference (11th: 1990: Boulder, Colo.)


Conference organizers and/or faculty included University of Colorado Law School professors Lawrence J. MacDonnell and Mark Squillace.

Moving the West's Water to New Uses: Winners and Losers will be the theme for this year's water conference, June 6-8 at the Law School in Boulder. The conference will consider the changing demands for water in the West and the need to reallocate a portion of the existing uses of water to new uses.

The first day will provide the background by looking at the most likely sources of water to meet these demands, including agriculture, federal water projects, interstate transfers, and tribal water rights. The second day introduces a number of issues raised by reallocation of water including public interest considerations, area of origin effects, and the role of water districts. The third day sets out state laws governing transfers and exchanges and provides examples of several transfers.


Lawrence J. MacDonnell

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Winners and Losers