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Conference speakers include University of Colorado School of Law professors David H. Getches and Charles F. Wilkinson.

Jack Ward Thomas, Chief of the USDA Forest Service, will be a featured speaker at the Center's annual public lands conference, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the National Forest Management Act. This year's conference is sponsored by Colorado State University, Oregon State University, Pinchot Institute for Conservation, and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

When Congress passed NFMA in 1976, few would have imagined the enormity of the changes in the world in technology, science and population we have witnessed in the last 20 years. Has NFMA provided the vision and guidance needed to meet the challenges of our dynamic society? Topics include: NFMA: Our Expectations and the Law; NFMA in Context: Courts, Tribes, Agencies and Laws; NFMA in a Dynamic Society; Reflections from the 7th American Forest Congress; and Looking to the 21st Century: Is NFMA Adequate?

Other featured speakers include Charles F. Wilkinson, Moses Lasky Professor of Law at the University of Colorado School of Law, who will provide the keynote address; R. Max Peterson, who was U.S. Forest Service Chief from 1979 to 1987; and John McGuire, Chief during the passage of NFMA.


Betsy Rieke, K. Norman Johnson, Margaret A. Shannon

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How Well Has It Worked in the Past 20 Years: Will It Work in the 21st Century?