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The documents here archived contain data compilations researched and recorded by me and my research assistants in connection with the article by Marianne "Mimi" Wesson, Living Death: Ambivalence, Delay, and Capital Punishment (Feb. 20, 2013),

Our research investigated four study jurisdictions: Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada, and Ohio. The data falls into two categories: analyses of reported appellate cases during designated periods in those jurisdictions; and investigations of the subsequent careers of every individual who resided on death row in one of our jurisdictions in April of 1995. The article further explains the impetus for these investigations, and the conclusions to which they led me.

I am greatly indebted to my research assistants for their matchless contributions to this work. They were Laura McNabb, Jocelyn Jenks, Edwin Hurwitz, Amy Kingston, Genet Tekeste, and Lauren Seger, all at the time of their contributions students at the University of Colorado Law School. Each is a superb researcher and accomplished scholar. Any errors or shortcomings in the interpretation of the data are mine alone. -- Marianne Wesson

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