The Quest: The Future of Energy


Daniel Yergin

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Daniel Yergin is the author of the new book "The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World," which has been hailed as "a fascinating saga" about the "quest for sustainable resources of energy" and "the book you must read to understand the future of our economy and our way of life." Dr. Yergin is a highly respected authority on energy, international politics and economics and a Pulitzer Prize winner. He is a world-recognized author and business leader--as chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS CERA), one of the world's leading consulting and research firms in its field--and a recipient of the United States Energy Award for "lifelong achievements in energy and the promotion of international understanding." For further information on The Quest, go to www.danielyergin.com.


The Schultz Lectureship Fund was created in 2007 by the generosity of John H. (‘53) and Cynthia H. Schultz to support a lecture each year by scholars in the fields of oil and gas, energy, or natural resources law. There is no audio, video, or transcript available of this Daniel Yergin lecture.