Denise D. Fort

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Conference Proceeding

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Summer Conference (22nd: 2001: Boulder, Colo.)


17 pages (includes illustration).

Contains 2 pages of references.


The Two Decades of Water Law and Policy Reform conference examines the agenda for reforming and improving water law that has developed during the past two decades in the West, assesses what has (and has not) been accomplished by pursuing these reforms, and explores lessons and implications for future water law and policy. The papers and discussion provide analysis and lessons that can guide the new administration, Congress, federal agencies, state governments, and communities as they seek to find policy solutions to the challenges posed by the tremendous economic and demographic changes occurring in the West, in order to ensure the sustainability of the region’s unique environment. Specific sessions focus on reforms such as improving the scientific and technical basis for water management, water conservation and efficiency, protecting environmental values in meeting water demands, and creating new models of governance for water issues.