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Summer Conference (14th: 1993: Boulder, Colo.)


Conference organizers, faculty and/or moderators included University of Colorado School of Law professors Lawrence J. MacDonnell, David H. Getches and James N. Corbridge, Jr.

Water organizations in the western United States range from small, traditional acequia associations to large metropolitan water suppliers. What do these vastly different kinds of organizations have in common? All are feeling the pressures of change in the region--growing urban populations, environmental concerns, and calls for public participation.

This year's summer program will examine how water organizations are adapting to these pressures for change. Speakers drawn from urban, agricultural, and community organizations will share their experiences and describe innovative approaches to adapt to new demands.

The conference agenda includes the following topics:

• An introduction to water organizations in the West

• Innovative approaches to irrigation and urban water conservation

• Strategies for obtaining new urban water supplies

• Who "owns" water rights?

• Meeting water quality needs

• Providing for fisheries, recreation, and other instream benefits

• Public versus private approaches to water supply and management

• Water and communities

• Watershed initiatives

• New legislative approaches

• Future directions: Water organizations serving a changing West.


Lawrence J. MacDonnell, Sarah F. Bates, David H. Getches, David E. Kromm, Guy Martin, Lee Kapaloski, A. Lee Brown, James N. Corbridge, Jr.