Putting It Together: Implications and Directions—Clashing Cultures, Clashing Economies, Clashing Values

Ed Marston

Shifting policy objectives and management approaches for the public lands of the West are provoking heated debate about how these decisions should be made and implemented. Are these policy directions a reflection of the "New West" or are they, in fact, a declaration of "war on the West"? Somewhere between these polarities of view, efforts are underway to open dialogue and reach consensus.

This second annual western lands conference, Who Governs the Public Lands: Washington? The West? The Community?, explores federal initiatives including the Colorado Grazing Roundtable and Rangeland '94, Option 9 and the Pacific Northwest forests, bypass flows and Colorado national forests, and wilderness protection in Utah.

Speakers from federal agencies, from states, from groups concerned with the use and protection of the public lands, and from academia, discuss these initiatives and issues that they raise regarding control of the western public lands.


6 pages.

Contains references.