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Hot Topics series (University of Colorado, Boulder. Natural Resources Law Center)


21 pages.

Includes illustrations, maps, and biographical information for Gordon W. Fassett and James S. Lochhead.

Habitat for species listed as endangered under federal law along the Platte River in Nebraska has been adversely affected by decreased river flows, resulting in federal legal barriers to further water development throughout the basin in three states. In June 1994 state and federal officials entered an agreement to develop a basin-wide recovery plan. Elizabeth Rieke, Assistant Secretary for Water & Science, Dept. of Interior, will discuss federal perspectives. Gordon (Jeff) Fassett, Wyoming State Engineer, and J. Michael (Mike) Jess, Nebraska Director of Water Resources, will comment on their states’ concerns and what they expect from Colorado. Moderator: Jim Lochhead, Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources.


Jim Lochhead

Alternate Title

Watershed Problem Solving on the Platte