VIDEO: Session 7: Financing Appropriate Sustainable Energy Technologies (ASETs)

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VIDEO (1:07:02):

SESSION 7: Financing Appropriate Sustainable Energy Technologies (ASETs)

Introduction of Speaker: Jocelyn Jenks, University of Colorado Law School

Financing Appropriate Sustainable Energy Technologies (ASETs): Rafaella Centurelli, International Energy Agency


Jocelyn Jenks, Lakshman Guruswamy

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This conference is a sequel to the 2009 World Energy Justice Conference (WEJC 2009) which began examining ways of mainstreaming safe, clean, and efficient energy for the world's Energy Poor (EP). The EP number two and a half billion people living on less than $1-2 a day who have no access to modern energy services. WEJC 2010 more fully develops these themes. WEJC 2010 will explore how the next round of global warming meetings in Cancun could design new flexibility mechanisms that give credits, for example, for the reduction of black carbon by the adoption of cookstoves, and embrace small scale projects by poor stakeholders. WEJC 2010 will traverse ways of generating more capital, and promoting manufacture of appropriate sustainable energy technologies (ASETs) by social entrepreneurs as well as large corporations. The conference will explore promising pathways for doing so.