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Book Review


Asian Pacific American Law Journal




This response to Yale Law Professor Amy Chua’s book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, complements a much longer and related article that is also in part a response to Chua’s book: Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting, 1 British Journal of American Legal Studies 297 (2012). This brief essay discusses the cultural differences between Chinese and Western views about education, learning, and parenting. This editorial draws on research in social psychology to analyze the stereotype of Asians and Asian Americans as being competent yet unsociable. Finally, this reflection draws on economic and psychological research about identity priming to consider the possible impacts of Chua's book and popular cultural reactions to it on how Asians and Asian Americans identify themselves and are identified by others.


"Originally published in Volume 17 of UCLA APALJ, 2012."