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As citizens, we ought to ensure that our criticisms of Congress are constructive, lest we damage ourselves. In that spirit, the American Bar Association's Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice created a special Congressional Process Committee to study selected aspects of congressional procedures and to recommend appropriate reforms. The Committee, which I chair, is composed of administrative lawyers who are experienced in legislative practice, or who have worked in Congress. We decided to address selected aspects of congressional structure and procedure for which we believe administrative lawyers possess relevant expertise.

The articles that form this Symposium grew out of that effort. Prepared by a talented group of young lawyers and professors, the articles originated as analytic reports to the Committee, which the Committee used as grist for its deliberations. I must issue a disclaimer: the articles do not represent positions of the Section or of the ABA, which have yet to take formal action on the Committee's recommendations. Nevertheless, I give them my personal testimonial as insightful analyses of important problems that Congress confronts.


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